When life just goes on and on

I hate it when everybody is talking about something really fun and active and I wonder what part of my day I can talk about. Usually the answer is : “THERE IS NO PART IN YOUR STUPID DAY THAT YOU CAN ATUALLY TALK ABOUT BECAUSE YOU ARE SO LAZY YOU JUST WAIT FOR GOING TO SLEEP !!”.

On the other side I don’t want to do something because it’s holiday and I am more a grand-mother in wheelchair than a 16 years old teen practicing sport… (btw I love grand-mother and I don’t care if they are in wheelchair or not, it was just for giving you an example)

So well, today I have nothing to write about… So I’m gonna just wait the time of going to sleep…

Have a nice night guys !


ps: MAFFASHION is now in the link section. She is so beautiful and I love her style.



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