I’m the Boss of the world!! LOL

Hi Guys!

Today i’m soo proud of me because i succeed in login myself on the internet free server!!!! YOUP YOUP (this is a war scream).


Hi guys!

I’m soo happy to can write something here! This is just too long a week without the internet! WOW! I have just watch tv shows and eat during the evening! It was soo boring at the end!

God please make the internet come to me!  (I’ll be a good girl, promise ) 😉

Just kidding for the God thing! 😉 It is soo cool to live alone, live in a flat! I’m on my way to the independence! COOL!

Unfortunately i don’t have any picture to show you (i was too busy with the first week of school witch is by the way a reborn for me, you know i have something to do WOW!). I’m sorry, maybe tomorrow i will take some picture.

Oh yeah and another thing: as i left school friday at 6p.m i will not come home until saturday morning. So sorry!

Have a good night and hope see you tomorrow! 😉




So as i move on today to Calais and as i will not have the internet until an indeterminate date, i will post here and on LookBook only the weekend, probably the Saturday and maybe the Friday in the evening. So don’t worry please ^^

Today is my freedom’ day and i’m glad to leave my parents home (only for the week but still leaving! ^^).

Please enjoy this year as i will do it!


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