14th of July 1789: the french Revolution!

Tomorrow all the “french patriot” will be in the street to scream their love for France. Let’s be realistic nobody go in the street for an such ridiculous idea in France. The things that can make the French down in the street are more money for their pay, winning the world cup of soccer and a giant big sex party. I don’t see anything else.

But the 14th of july (actually the night of the 13rd july), there is always big party with fireworks, wine, and snails (just kidding for the snails ^^ but it is actually something really good when it’s cook the good way). So tonight I WILL HAVE FUN around a sheep which will cook over a big fire (i prefer private party with fruity punch rather than public pigsty with cheap beer), a big part of my friends and good music!

Let’s have fun tonight! 😀


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