Because it is summer everybody is so exciting. I’m not. I don’t like summer. I have reasons: i hate the hot days when it’s too hot to wear something, you just can wear a little dress and that all (nothing like vest, pullover,…),  everybody is exciting and that’s just ridiculous, everybody is tanned (and i’m not), everybody is thin (and i’m not), everybody is beautiful (and i’m not)…I’m so tired of summer.

I want to be in september because i will live alone, in a calm town where i know nobody, i will start new study, i will have my pay (of this summer: it’s an boring work, you wait for farmers to stock cereals, you enter on the computer some stupid facts,…. and all) and that’s will be so cool!

My best friend is just so stupid when it’s summer because he think it is the moment to have fun and to have fun for him it is to drink alcohol, to smoke and to chat with sexy girls… -_-‘ GOD HELP!

So if you are one of those who “have fun” and are exciting i hope this summer will be great! 😉

Have a good day, xo xo


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