The Perfect Shoes Wardrobe

-> Ballet slippers (black) to be able to stroll all the day in the city without being hurt, to be able to change of shoes at the end of the workday, to be able to always have a pair of shoes in own bag. 1 or 2 pair.


-> Heels for being sexy at dance and class at work. 1 classic pair, 1 fun pair, and 1 summer pair.


->Sneakers for being cool, funny, fashion, and simple. 2 classic pair (one black; one white) and 1 fun pair for move and dance.


-> Boots for being fashion and for change. 1 pair.


-> Derbys for weekend and friend little party. 1 pair.


-> Sandal for summer. 1 pair.


Visitors left my blog

Do you think the subjects are less fun? Why do you all leave?

My stats are in depression (i think i could give them holidays because they look so bad ^^). Maybe because the post about Vanessa Paradis is now old. I notice that it was this post that have the much more high score! I have no idea why… maybe there was a link for here on another site. Well!

See you soon my dear followers!

Blog I Love

Today i wanna talk about the VIPXO’s girl. She remind me myself a lot!  That’s why i wanna share her blog with you!

Her style is original, colorful, beautiful,… But unique!

Because i was thinking of made one by myself for me

Actually i’m not fond of heels.. looks with flat shoes