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TAAADAAAA Today i’m gonna speak about the blog Vintage Virgin.

Jessica is a kind of Inspiration’s goodness. She had a really original style and a lot of funky, funny, cool, fun, wonderful ideas! Enjoy!

Look from Lookbook

The Perfect Girl


Today i want to speech about the kind of girl i dream to be. Because as a typical girl i’m always dreaming about being another person with specially another body, another hair color, eye color, curly hair, small feet, country, arms,…. So let’s start!

At first, I WANT TO BE WILD.

Because a wild girl is always so strong and so free. And first of all i want to be free. And a wild person is someone you only follow if you really want to. So I can be sure the people beside me are here because they want to.

Second point: I WANT TO BE FUNNY.

Because humour is one of the most important thing in the world! How can you just live without having fun? Oh yeah i don’t want everyone laugh at me (few people because you can’t do it without) but the kind of fun who deals with the situations, the speech, the kind of look on the world, something that will not be ridiculous but unique.


Because a 100% girl is so boring! (And i don’t speak about hair and other thing you know ^^)


You know the king of girl who always wear the new prada bag or the new dior shoes. I hate this kind of girl, just here to be pretty and have money! Please be smart… Fashion is a way to recreate our own life. Actually it deals more with having a style. Yes, i what to have a style that will be mine style.

That’s why i want to be thin because i can’t be wild if i’m big because i will not be totally free. I can be funny but not like i really want to be, and my style will be really mine without all this fat around me. ;D

Je ne vous oublie pas

Blog I love

My Poor Little Sweet Things, i have been absent since a too long time! So for my forgiveness i will speak. About what? I have no idea but i will find, don’t be afraid.

I know! A “blog you have to see”? Yep! Yep!

Even if i make a rejection of any kind of german language, i love so much the style of this girl. It is a romantic and a little soft grunge pretty girl. Have a look at her blog, she is just amazing!

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